Thursday, May 30, 2013

Importance Of CAD Services and Reverse Engineering Services in Industries

Reverse Engineering Services Offering Outsourcing CAD Drafting, Design, 3D Modelling and Animation Services at Competitive Rates to Across The Globe.

Reverse engineering is a necessary concept that is being utilized in several of the engineering processes so as to develop innovative designs and models with advanced functionality.
Reverse engineering is defined as a process in which a computer-aided design model is being developed with the help of the data acquired from the existing physical models.
This is done by scanning the existing models with the 3D scanning software. The CAD services and reverse engineering services are mainly used in the industrial design industries, manufacturing industries, military applications and electronics industry etc. 

Reasons For The CAD Services and Reverse Engineering Services Are:
  • To obtain a CAD model of a product that is no longer being manufactured. 
  • To enhance the product security by analyzing as how a product works and how it can be modified for even better performance. 
  • To extract the necessary information out of a particular design and to develop a whole new product by completely redesigning the product. 
  • Also used for the academic purposes so as to disclose the underlying operating principle of any type of product. 

Coordinating measuring machines are used in this process. However, in the non-contact type CAD model generation process, no physical connection is required between the measured object and the measuring instrument. 

Different Types of Non-Contact Methodologies Used Are: 
  • Laser scanning 
  • White light triangulation 
  • Moire Interferometry 
  • Computer Assisted Tomography 

The CAD services and reverse engineering services are purely complementary. The three dimensional models of any particular object can be developed using the different CAD software such as AutoCAD, SoildWorks, Pro-Engineer, Uni-graphics and I-DEAS etc. 

But, obtaining the geometrical details of the specific parts of the object may be a critical process. In those cases, the reverse engineering techniques help a lot in effectively extracting the part geometries out of the object. 

Two types of methods are generally used to accomplish the above task namely the contact type and the non-contact type. In the contact method, there exists a physical connection between the object and the measuring instrument. 

Reverse engineering is a helpful process in developing advanced product models in a very fast manner by thoroughly analyzing the pros and cons of the earlier existing models. A lot of time is saved in this way and a whole new product reaches the market much faster, as a result.